Welcome to inaudible Games Price Charts!

iGPC was created by myself, Christopher Friend / pepsi_max2k, in 2009. After spending over a year hand compiling spreadsheets full of UK game prices, overiting every price when updated, I figured it'd be good to keep historical records somehow, and also make these accessible.

Being a fan of VGPC but having little use US prices, and not knowing of any GB equivalent site, I figured what the hell, I'll make my own. So knowing no MySQL, and vey little PHP, I went about scraping together prototypes of bits and bobs until finally it all came together..

I currently have nearly 500 games in the iGPC database; not quite the 1000s in my spreadsheets but they'll be added eventually, slowly... very slowly. ;o)


What does the price mean?
The price field in the main console lists are the Median sale price from the latest observed completed eBay.co.uk listings. They include the total selling value - final bid plus postage..

I see a set of prices where Min, Max, Med and Average are the same?
That's probably an entry I made from my old spreadsheets, where I only ever recorded one or two price points for each game. Either that, or there was only one item sold on eBay at the time..